openSUSE 15.0 to 15.1 Upgrade notes

In a previous article I shown how to upgrade a distro using zypper, but after the first reboot some issue might always happen, that’s why I collected all the changes and the tweaks I applied to switch from openSUSE 15.0 to 15.1.

Switching to the newer version didn’t request many tweaks, mostly because a minor version brings always few and not critical changes.


This time the only relevant issue I had is about the installation part.

For some reason a dozen of packages that changed their vendor were not available on the new repository blocking the whole process.

In that case adding the option –no-allow-vendor-change, allowed me to decide only about the strictly needed changes.

Downloading packages:

$ sudo zypper dup --download-only --no-allow-vendor-change

and installing them:

$ sudo zypper --no-refresh dup --no-allow-vendor-change

Although is highly suggested to disable the third part repositories to avoid conflicts, I left all my repositories enabled. That’s the demonstration how this choice might lead to some issues, still easy to fix though.


Everything worked fine since the first restart, browsers and multimedia applications were able to play audio and video format, open and restricted, so nothing to change this time!

However, if you disabled Packman repositories before the upgrade, just re-enable the repository:

$ sudo zypper mr --enable REPO_NUMBER

Where the REPO_NUMBER is provided by the command:

$ zypper lr

Let’s reinstall the packages from Packman:

$ sudo zypper dup --from REPO_NUMBER

Manual package replacement

This time just a couple of packages needed a manual replacement:

  • libyui-qt-pkg9 in place of libyui-qt-pkg8, this library is needed by Yast software installer,
  • for an unknown reason the old lazarus 1.8.2 version was impossible to uninstall, so I had to remove it manually and install the new version later.

Yast software install also suggested to install these three packages (yes I have an Nvidia graphic card):

  • plasma5-applet-suse-prime;
  • suse-prime;
  • yast2-trans-en.

Nvidia drivers

Having Nvidia proprietary drivers installed i had to blacklist nouveau driver again:

# echo "blacklist nouveau" >> /etc/modprobe.d/50-blacklist.conf
# mkinitrd

If you did not add yet the user to the video and bumblebee groups:

# gpasswd -a USERNAME video
# gpasswd -a USERNAME bumblebee

Just replace USERNAME with the one used.

Further checkings

Thanks to Yast Security Center & Hardening I discovered some services issues and applied some changes:

  • firewalld was not correctly enabled at startup;
  • cups was enabled at boot but being unused i switched it to manual;
  • I decided to disable suse-studio-custom, inherited since several installations;
  • switched the ca-certificates service to manual.

Final thoughts

As stated before the upgrade has been very smooth, and the further little adjustments I had to apply were really minimal, beside that i found some interesting news:

  • Wayland window manager is more stable, although i am still using;
  • the new firewalld is now well integrated with Yast;
  • the function key on my laptop keyboard combined with the related key to enable and disable the Wi-Fi works again;
  • KDE push notifications work way better with chromium, now i get the notification messages from Youtube and other social networks.

More info about openSUSE Leap 15.1 is available at the resource list on openSUSE Wiki page and on the release notes page.


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