Open with gVim service menu

The Service Menu Open with gVim allows to open multiple files within the gVim editor using separated tabs, instead of opening all the buffer in a single window. That way all the files are quickly visible and it is way easier to switch from one to another. The archive contains also Makefile with basic commands to automatize the installing under the properly directory as shown below.

  • Name:
    Open with gVim
  • Type:
    Service Menu
  • License:
    GPL v.3
  • Links:


  1. Extracting the Archive:
    $ tar -xvf open_with_gvim.tgz 
  2. Switching to the subfolder:
    $ cd open_with_gvim
  3. Install:
    $ make install
  4. Uninstall:
    $ make uninstall


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