Show a dialog with Kdialog (part 3)

This third part is dedicated to another set of constrained choice dialogs useful to drive the user among a discrete number of options in order to handle easier certain input data in our scripts. Besides the file dialogs seen in the second part, Kdialog offers menus, with single and multiple-choice, and particular input dialogs which may return date, a color or a system icon.

Show a dialog with Kdialog (part 2)

In a previous article I introduced Kdialog and the whole set of output dialogs provided. In this second part, we will see how to show and handle some input dialogs from the command line.

Show a dialog with Kdialog (part 1)

If you ever needed to write shell scripts to automatize your tasks, but at the same time wanted a better integration with the running Desktop Environment, an application like Gdialog or Kdialog might be a good choice.